The BDO World Championship The BDO World Championship features the best darts players in the world, and consists of five rounds for the men’s competition, concluding with the final. The first round consists of five sets (first to three legs) and each round sees the target number of sets increase until the final, which is the best of thirteen sets. The women’s event consists of three rounds, with each round having three sets. The men’s competition lasts for just over a week, whereas the women’s are held for four days in this period.

The PDC World Championship The PDC World Championship lasts for much longer than the BDO ones, totalling eleven days for the whole competition. This tournament only has a division for men and each round is the best of seven sets with the exception of the final, which is also the best of thirteen sets.

The World Grand Prix This is one of the largest paying tournaments in the world of darts, and is one of the most popular. The top twenty-four PDC Order of Merit, as well as four PDPA Qualifiers and four Irish Qualifiers compete in the event. The first round consists of three sets and steadily increases until the final, which is the best of eleven. All sets are the best of five legs, and each player must start with a double to begin scoring.

The Premier League of Darts One of the newest tournaments on the circuit, The Premier League is played weekly for three months around the UK pitting the top players from the PDC against one another. The top four players from the league section will move on to the finals where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 and #3 seeds with face off. The winners will then form the overall final. During the league phase, it is a best of 14 leg format with a 7-7 being a possible result. In the semi-finals the first to 11 legs will be victorious and in the final it takes 16 legs to become Champion.

To find out about the most popular players, look at the Professional Darts Players Association website. This provides links to players’ websites, information about rankings and scores for recent and historical competitions.